Andrew Bower

Today marks one year since Andrew’s passing. We would like to share this piece of Andrew’s story, sent to us by Elle Ossello:
Voice shaking, giddy, nervous, ecstatic, I taught my first Introduction to Climbing class years ago at Wild Walls Climbing Gym with Andrew standing by observing his own student watchfully, patiently. I was so proud to step into the formidable shoes of a teacher and mentor more passionate and knowledgable than a whole university of professors. Never have I known someone so dedicated to inciting the fire for his own passion in every single person that walked across his path.
Sharing the teaching podium with him cultivated within me a reverence for those who sat as students before me. It left me feeling forever deeply dutiful to anyone who ever looks to me for help understanding. I never would have understood the profound depth of duty of a teacher to his student had I not watched Andrew conduct himself with great seriousness and tenderness before everyone that signed up for that class.
And then I watched him meet Emily. There are hardly words to describe the joy of having been privileged enough to be around them as their love unfurled. All I know is that I feel a bit less temporal having felt the radiating power of their mutual adoration.
The world lost a truly powerful human. But it is a testament to the goodness of his soul that he lives on so tangibly in the hearts of the people he left behind. Rest with God, Andrew. You will be missed.
-Elle Ossello